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Collage & Painting

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Little Odd:

Mixed media collage, extract from the poem - 
The Little odd wants light, creeping in the shade, little brain waves dim & fade, An unlaced wound, a counterfeit smile, Unspent days, a rogue restless file
Outside the wall of facade, a Secret society, Underground, pensive on guard, Little odd has much to say, in so few words, in contained dreams, & no spare verbs

Sold (prints available)


Mixed media,

extract from the poem, 
Hibernation was blankets & disguises
But she's out
I have cast of the layers
I'm co-arising.

Sold (prints available)

Renewed Endeavour:

Mixed media 27x18 in


Extracts from the poem, Renewed Endeavour is serene once again
My expressions & swirling

Sold (prints available)

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