Mosaic Tables & Furniture

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Upcycled Mosaic Chest of draws:

Perspex (off cuts from other projects), Paua shell tiles, glass, peacock feathers and eco paint effect & rainbow handles. 


Mosaic table, White peacock:

51x51 cm, Up-cycled table, lace & shell, Mother of pearl, recycled glass & textiles.


Peacock Chest of Drawerss:

95x22x30cm' Green decoupage on wood, two mosaic peacock panels either side, mosaics top,  7 wooden painted draw knobs. 


Peacock feather swirl, inlay tables:

A selection of up-cykled Peacock feather swirl & spiral tables, hand made tiles, recycled glass and textiles. 


Art Nouveau antique, Mosaic table, mosaic art:

A hand made tiles, gems, recycled glass and textiles & eco friendly paint.


Very large peacock feather mosaict:

A hand made tiles, Peacock feathers gems, recycled glass and textiles & eco friendly paint.


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