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Lets experiment!! _D Finally sorted my workshops, sponsored by Mosaic Trader

2019-2021 Workshops & webinars 

Mixed Media Mosaic’ course:    

An opportunity to explore, Innovative techniques, organic process & personal style, crossing barriers between materials & expanding the traditional styles of mosaics.

The course:                                                                                        

Materials and substrates: Participants will have the choice from three laser cut substrates, unique products designed & exclusive to Nikki:  1) A flat pack table with mosaic and glass top, 2) An illuminated mirror (electrics included), 3) Sea inspired mirror.  These will be easy to pack and carry (all packaging materials will be supplied)

Day 1: Creating (eco friendly) resin tiles, using many natural, found and recycled shimmering inclusions. Concept, composition & design, focus on the science of colour through emotions.  

Day 2: Creating a layered collage, using many recycled materials: fabric, fibbers, paint, pigments & foils, layering this medium under what Nikki has coined 'impasto glass' (raised glass technique) using recycled 'fused' wine bottles, Smalti and crystals, resulting in a wonderfully rich, textural effect.

Day 3: Personal effects, words and memorabilia, finding your own & expressing your own personal style.    

Day 4: A trip to: Mosaic Trader (one of the leading mosaic stockist in the UK), with a special 10% discount for workshop participants J it’s a treasure trove of wonderful tesserae, gems, kits and stained glass.

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